Eleonora E16 -T6


Innovative design

Unprecedented design, tilted rotated joint, is equipped with closed structure and precise rotation angle. Folding is like banding without cut-section of the frame. With vertical tire rotation, it provides effortless way to maneuver Oullon.

Intelligent torque sensor. The riding experience is more natural!

Oullon is equipped with the All-New Torque sensor. During riding, the sensor constantly change the output from the rear motor by detecting the force of peddling. Linear electric torque makes user natural riding experience. And with efficiency, increasing range by 30%.

Synchronized braking

The braking system developed by oullon, whether it is the left or right brake, can activate the front and rear disc brakes at the same time in an emergency, making the braking force stronger and the braking safer.


    Compact and elegant product are our design philosophy. Our distinctive folding mechanism acquires invention patent in several countries. And unlike other folding bike, Kestrel E16-1 presents the same concise and streamline silhouette whether it's folding or not.


    Not only invention patent but also safety concern. E16-1 passed TÜV EN15194 certification and Taiwanese ebike regulation.