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The folding area is made of forged aluminum with original design and multinational invention patents. It is easy to operate and does not clamp hands. This exclusive character achieved by combining sturdiness, safety and elegance, which makes people love it. Not only does it last for a long time in appearance, but most components are stainless steel, which can remain intact all time.


The electric system, in combination with innovative mechanism, has achieved a remarkable product. The lightness just makes our life convenient. The electric motor bridges the distance between points. The compact size allows you and Kestrel to simply travel. Saving energy and reducing carbon emissions become a snap.

Forged hinge


High-strength aluminum alloy body structure integrating with forged joint displays streamlined curve. The clean silhouette shows a sense of agility.

LED lights

The wider and farther range of the lighting provides safe and bright sight. Especially, it is clear to see the road ahead at night.


In addition to the disc brakes on the front and rear wheels, when the integrated third brake light is activated, the rear is brighter and clearer, enhancing road traffic safety.


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