Innovative design

Human being always tend to stay in comfort zone. Oullon isn't restricted to traditional folding bike. Unprecedented structure not only achieves flexibility of folding process but also possesses the entirety of rigidity after expanding. Sleek silhouette presents exclusive element and design from Kestrel, which keeps up with the times and stays timeless


    Compact and elegant product are our design philosophy. Our distinctive folding mechanism acquires invention patent in several countries. And unlike other folding bike, Kestrel E16-1 presents the same concise and streamline silhouette whether it's folding or not.


    Instead of traditional exposed hinge, the industry-leading enclosed structure hides components inside the joint. Distinctive joint is just like the center of circle. skewed rotated joint can create appropriate angle and distance at folding situation to reach the perfect formation.


    Unique design helps presenting seamless and non-protruding bike frame while expanding or folding. Advanced folding components made from forged aluminum alloy enhance sturdiness and durability.


    Not only invention patent but also safety concern. E16-1 passed TÜV EN15194 certification and Taiwanese ebike regulation.

Compact product to accompany your everyday.

The combination of electric system and unique mechanism creates the right work. Compact makes life convenient. With electric motor, it is easier to get between points. Energy saving and carbon reduction becomes our daily routine.